Antonia Bronze is a slow fashion womenswear label with a strong focus on sustainability and ethics. Antonia started the brand during her second year at the University of Brighton, where she was studying Textiles and Business. After graduating, she decided to pursue her brand full-time and joined forces with Antigoni and Sophia Buxton, fellow Greek Cypriot sisters. Their aim is to create timeless garments in an ethical and sustainable manner that can be cherished for a lifetime. Antonia designs all the pieces in her Surrey studio with Sophia and Antigoni. The girls recently partnered with a skilled team of seamstresses in North London for production. 



Pieces that flatter and celebrate curvy figures and transition from day to night while staying true to a Mediterranean aesthetic.


Our aspiration is to make women with a wide range of body types feel fabulous. That has dictated our choice of fabrics. 

As shared cultural heritage among us has helped shape the designs which are both feminine and flattering. 

We are to consider the environmental impact of our activities, so we have chosen to design and produce within the UK. 




A small business run by Antonia Bronze, Antigoni Buxton and Sophia Buxton 

Greek Cypriot girls all born in London. 


Antonia Bronze’s grandparents, like lots of Cypriots, worked in the rag trade in London during the 60s growing up. 


“I was always fascinated with the industrial sewing machines and wanted to start brand that merged my Cypriot heritage with my London upbringing. During my final year at university, I studied my Cypriot roots and designed a collection based around it. I came up with some swimwear pieces that fitted the island aesthetic. It was very important to me to have Cypriot models. I reached out to Sophia and Antigoni and from the moment we met we just clicked. Sharing such a passion for the brand it made perfect sense to become a team and launch our brand together.




We want to become a global womens’ go to brand whilst staying true to our Mediterranean roots.